In need assistance? I am here for you!

I am mostly capable of providing any kind of services under technology.
My main skill’s are: Mobile Development, Software development (Python, C/C++).
I create websites too (Landing page, Resume, E-commerce, etc.) and have some great knowledge in web designing. I can create a website with a CMS or from scratch using Js / Python or Php Framework.
If you need an installation of a webserver or an automatisation (scripting), i can do that too !
My services are priced in accordance to my experiences with technology.
You can fin more about my skills on the “about me” section
I am keen in bringing about real improvements for your company. In this case I can adapt myself to a lesser budget if your company can’t afford usual pricing 🙂
I truly believe in software craftsmanship, so basically I follow some good rules to improve source code quality and efficiency See More about Craftmanship

Creation of Software - Mobile - Web Application

Installation - Update - Automatisation

Learning Programming - Make your own website/Mobile app