How to work remotly – Bad habit’s – Improve your efficiency

What is remote working ?

Remote working means to work anywhere but office, this also means that there is no structure around you.
It’s a way of life that some people choose mostly because they are in need to have the full control on their day.
It gives the opportunity to manage your hours, avoiding the time spent on travelling to your workplace, so this gives you more time in the day to do whatever you want !
Basically you are in total control of your entire day, but warning, there are traps where you can fall in ! we’ll see that.


Return back experiences

I’ts sort of 3 years that I am working remotely for Diabhelp and Orgue sensoriel and
its now 6 months that i have been working for Alara-Expertise, full-time remote.

It’s kind of a big change, and many adjustments had to be made because of a few problems faced in the beginning, which we will have a look at below. I will try and give you some tip’s on it, a kind of a “Bad Habit’s starter pack”.
Eventually I believe that everyone has to find their own way to make perfect use of remote working.


Working on the sofa

working sofa remote

working chair remoteThis is one of the habits you can fall prey to easily (approved).
It feels comfortable and relaxing, but soon you will have back problems !
The other problems are that you are not in an absolute mood to work , in your mind the sofa is associated with chilling, so your concentration will unconsciously lessen.
To be efficient, its better to define a place to work, like this you can also structure a better pause time (getting off your work zone and doing something else), and when you get back to work, sitting back on this chair, at this place, will unconsciously put you back in the work mode.

As you understand, because you don’t have a structure to define your working time as you have at your office, its important to define one and create a kind of routine on it.



Losing Time Control 

When you work remotely, there will be no one to tell you that you are in late or tell you to take a break.
Nobody will ask you if you want to have lunch.
It can happen that you lose the control of  time.
Forgetting to have timings it’s a bad habit, because your body is a timing machine who needs timing and its already based itself on certain variables (Sun, Moon, light …).
It cause weakness (your focus will not be so good), visual tiredness, and then stress because most of your activities will be less efficient etc.. etc.. see a doctor for more

To avoid this, i will give you some tips for the beginning :
Put alarms to structure a little of your day :


 Mobil Alarm
 Alarm 1  Wake Up
 Alarm 2  Work Morning
 Alarm 3  Pause
 Alarm 4  Lunch
 Alarm 5  Work Afternoon
 Alarm 6  Pause
 Alarm 7  End of Work

And try to push yourself to do all these event’s.
It’s important also to take small breaks while working as you will either be stuck just trying to complete your task or your mind can be stuck in work if you only work with partial hours (2 hours work, 2 hours pause, 2 work hours etc..) that’s a problem.
Structure your work time, and it will give you more peace of mind.


Enclose your working Time by a ritual

ritual remote working
As you enclose a function in your source code “{ }” or as you enter/leave in your office/car (for no remote worker) your work timing is always enclose by something that defines your work time.

In remote, you work at the place where you live. Hence make sure that your Work life doesn’t clash with your private life, otherwise you will not have a proper closure of your free time. your mind will always be in 2 modes (example : The solution for one remote girl was to makeup before work, and remove the makeup after work. find yours 🙂 )

Even for your “family”, they will not know when to disturb you or not, your mind will never be able to begin or stop properly from work mode to private mode.
It will raise tension, stress, less focus.. (everything that you don’t want to be efficient) And its not your surrounding who is responsible to cross this line, but, you are responsible for  not defining this line enough.

Social Life

As a remote worker, you will not see your colleagues, clients etc everyday. If you don’t make an attempt by yourself to socialise, you will have no more social life.
Its not your workplace that will let you meet new people anymore, so you have to find by yourself how to keep this social touch.

Some Remote workers go on group room work. Its sort of an Open space where there is a lot other people like you, you can share about your project, being helped and to help back. That’s very interesting !

Take a walk every day, and take in the fresh air 🙂

You also can find a remote community chat (on your branch) on internet.
For example, as a developer i use Irc to speak about work with other dev’s and i speak with my colleagues on Slack.

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