Developping skills

C C++




Web Technology

I have been developing software since 5 years. I learned in a programming language school named Epitech. During this formation, in 2013 I worked in a startup looking to do a social network for people in bad condition (I did this in php). In 2014 I begin to work with orgue sensoriel, aiming to create software for disabled people, helping them with a music therapy, this software is designed with Python and PureData. Then in this year I create Diabhelp with the help of some friends, this is a mobile application aiming at providing tools for diabetic people (Android). In 2016 I began working for Thalès. I began with making a data visualizer for EDF to analyze all the Hydraulic and Nuclear Bassin. Then I moved on to a mission to create an engine diagnoses tool for subsonic flight named Rafale (French government).

Php Technology




In my experiences I created a social network using Google map API from scratch for Formell- Aidant Familiaux. Diabhelp website was first coded from scratch in PHP and then remade with Symfony2. I also create an entire webApplication for radio protection logistic (still under development). I do all my personal websites in PHP. I can also create websites on wordpress (for example this one).

Javascript Technology






In Web for all animations you need Javascript (before CSS3). I use javascript for all my websites. Since 2 years I have been interested about this framework. I created a webApp for doctor following patient in Angular1.5. And with Thalès we had to provide an interface to survey hydraulic and nuclear bassin of the biggest electricity supplier in France (EDF). This Web Application was first made in Angular2 and remade in React.Js. We used the ELK stack on an oracle database.

Others Web Technology


ELK Stack (Elastic search, Kibana..)

Oracle database

SQL (mySql, postgresql, sqllite..)

There is a lot of other, web Technologies and have been working on some projects with them. As you understand, I can quickly learn a technology and create something great for you !

System Skills

Unix Windows Mac


Admin System

Scripting (Bash, zsh ...)

Virtualization (Docker, VMware, VirtualBox, Qemu..)

As a developer I know how to work with operating systems. I can make an installation of any kind, script the installation, make docker container for a fast deployment method, which will help you gain some more time for real development.

Human skills

Soft designing

Task managing

Managing Ressources (Wbs, Gantt ..)



Management skills: I got most of my experiences with Diabhelp were I led the project for 3 years with the help of 5 other mates. Here I had to design the application and website. When the design was done, we worked for 3 years in an agile method in remote. This experience was very interesting because we were all in different time zones. So every task had to be planned to make the project run 24 hours. This was very difficult but I had to challenge myself to improve our efficiency. I also worked as a Teacher and learned which pedagogy to apply for which type of people and always adapt myself to my students
0% < skills < 20% : Actually learning
20% < skills < 40% : Able to apply basic knowledge
40% < skills < 60% : Good knowledge
60% < skills < 80% : Very good knowledge
80% < skills < 100% : Expert