Software Creation


C C++




I have been working with software programming since 5 years. My entire project are under a norms of programming. For example I worked for subsonic flight (Rafale) on very critical systems and this code had to be under the DO-178B norm (DAL-A). I am able to make a quality-documented code. I know exactly how to work operating systems. I am able to construct my code in a very good way (Threading, IPC, Mutex.) to make better improvements. You can take a look about my project on the Project menu
Today every programmer is able to create software. But there are only a few developers who follow good way to code to offer better quality software.
Historic of software done :
  • LibC recode (including Printf, malloc…) [C]
  • bc Recode [C]
  • Shell recode [C]
  • Irc/Ftp client/server [C]
  • Client server games [C]
  • Raytracing engine [C]
  • OpenGl/SDL Games [C++]
  • BomberMan recode [C++/Lua]
  • Orgue sensoriel [Python/PureData/C]
  • WaterWatch [C/Arduino]
  • Diabhelp Application [Java/Android]
  • Thales – EDF Data Visualizer [Angular2/React.js]
  • Thales – Embeded soft for subsonic flight [C]